Monday, September 15, 2008

egg-cellent ~

OK all you experienced cooks, maybe you will have a good laugh at this - I'm almost 47, been married 2 times, and cooked for most of my life.

Yet - I've never cooked a frittata.

Well, at least until tonight. My excellent cookfriend Lee told me how. What would I do without him?

So here's what I did - cut up the veggies I had, which included onions, garlic, peppers (a variety that's kind of like bell peppers), and celery - I was supposed to have broccoli but my daughter drove off with it, LOL. Sauteed those for a while, until crisptender, and also browned a pound of ground sausage, and drained it. Broke about 16 eggs in a bowl (I have big boys here, remember? ha) and beat those up with a little milk, chopped cilantro, and grated cheese. With the veggies and sausage in the bottom of my great big skillet (I think it's 14"), I poured the eggs over it and let it cook on medium until the bottom set, and then put it in the oven to broil. The top browned so nicely and it was so pretty when I took it out. I tore up a big handful of spinach leaves all over the top to wilt...

Y'all, me like frittata. Frittata good.

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