Sunday, July 13, 2008

just a little change~

Now that I've got your interest, HAHA, let me throw a wrench into the gears...I'm changing the name of this blog to Cast Iron Kitchen. After all, it needs to be made totally of cast iron to withstand me, lol...

I think this name will be better because I intend to explore other recipes besides just Asian. So...sorry to put you through the trouble of changing your blogs, if anyone had already put me on their blogroll (Gin!). Please forgive!

And, I'm going to transfer the Vietnamese Dipping Sauce post I had already made, so look for a repeat - I don't want to lose the recipe for Tom's nuoc cham.

I lost the first post on the other blog, but it's no big deal - it was just saying how I wanted to learn more about Asian cooking, especially Vietnamese. But there are tons of other cooking experiments I want to try, too - and a special request from a friend, for Pumpernickel Bread. Gotta get on that one, lol.

Anyway - I hope whoever reads this blog will find it entertaining, and the recipes appealing enough to want to try them too, or at least to get in the kitchen and cook something. Most of all, I hope everyone goes away feeling happy and with smiles on their faces. May God bless you all with everything you need and desire.

See ya later, gators!

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